"InterFit Pilates studio is an excellent place to work out for people of all types. This has been a great help to me in rehabbing some sport injuries and building core strength and stability. Being a competitive figure skating coach, I love this type of training for my skaters and would highly recommend it for all my athletes. There is just the right mix of strength and flexibility, using full range of motion."

Tina Leininger, Skating Director at Vancouver Figure Skating Club

Joanna before pilates
Joanna after pilates
"Five months ago from writing this I started one-on-one pilates sessions with Larina. I would have to say that decision has been one of the best I have ever made when it came to my own health and fitness. The pilates has strengthened my body, enhanced my muscle tone, and given me a new sense of confidence in what I can achieve physically. But the other part of my story is that over those 5 months I have lost 50 pounds through Larina’s support and coaching on a nutritional cleansing program. I was struggling to get started with any sort of weight loss and this program has transformed not only my weight but my sense of well-being and my energy levels. Being able to combine the pilates training with the nutritional cleansing has bought me results far beyond my expectations."

Joanna Age: 51

"I feel that Pilates is a really good workout for the whole body. As a competitive gymnast I benefit from it a lot! It strengthens and tones my muscles, helps me with my flexibility and keeps me in a great shape! And at the same time I don't feel exhausted after the class like it happens with other form of exercises. But what the most important Pilates helps me to prevent the injuries. Since I started 6 months I've found I haven't had any problems with my hip flexors and ankles I used to have before."

Katie Age: 15

"I started doing Pilates at InterFit Studio just few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying my sessions. Although there is a ways to go I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my hip and knee which I’m sure is a direct result of the program. Larina and Lana are great teachers and I thank you for helping me!"

Kerry Age: 58

Barbara before pilates
Barbara after pilates
"After several months of weekly Pilates lessons I found the exercises got easier as I learned how to engage my core and the muscles throughout my body began to strengthen. After ten months I now feel very fit and strong, because the resistance exercises in Pilates have developed deep muscles that I never knew I had, particularly between my shoulder blades. When I leave the studio I often feel an inch taller, and I can now bend down and touch my toes, something which I was never ever able to do even as a child. The small classes enable Larina to be able to provide personal training to each of her clients, which has helped me considerably."

Barbara Age: 62

"Thank you Larina, for choosing Pilates to correct and enhance my exercise program. Coming to your Studio for these 2 years has proven the right ‘fit’ for me. I am stronger and much more flexible than I have ever been. You are an inspiring Instructor."

Andria L. Age: 60

"Pilates at Interfit Studio is a great way to relax and have a great workout. The class sizes are small so the instructor is able to give individuals more attention. I look forward to Pilates each week because it helps me stay toned and relieve stress."

Tina Gill Age: 31

"I was introduced to Pilates at Interfit Studio eight months ago and have since been attending classes weekly. I have really benefited from the small classes and personal attention one receives whilst using the high quality apparatus in the studio. My instructor always takes the time to discuss any health issues I may have before commencing each class and I find her classes enjoyably challenging. Some years ago I worked out regularly at a gym using machines and free weights but I now find in my senior years that Pilates gives me a greater whole body work out and the low impact exercises are much easier on my muscles and joints. In only a short period of time my core strength, flexibility, balance and posture have all improved greatly. More specifically, Pilates has released the tension I felt in my shoulders and the muscles on either side of my knee joints are now much stronger. Now I can walk, cycle and kayak much more easily and for longer… all thanks to a weekly hour of Pilates classes which are now a big part of my life style. Thank you Larina!"

Tony C. Age: 72

"When I first began Pilates with Larina, I had very poor posture and very short tight muscles. I am happy to report that my posture has improved a lot along with a much greater range of motion. My body feels much longer and leaner, which helps with my endurance sports and everyday life. Thank you, Larina!"

Danielle W. Age: 38

"I have tried 2 other Pilates studios in area and InterFit is the best! I am feeling very strong and have dropped 2 sizes. Class size is small and teachers are very knowledgeable. I love Pilates Reformer workouts!"

Karen Age: 51

"In just 2 short months taking classes 2x week at InterFit Pilates Studio the benefits are already manifesting themselves. The range of motion has increased in my shoulders, and I'm standing taller and straighter. The chronic pain in my neck has subsided and migraines dissipated. My legs are stronger and I feel energized. Larina and Lana have been such an encouragement and I'm grateful for their expertise. Needless to say, the pilates "reformer" has lived up to it's name...and I'm excited to see how well I function during my 7th decade."

Marilyn Age: 68