The Teachers

The Teachers

Larina Goncharova

The InterFit Studio teachers are all certified through Balanced Body University, one of the top Pilates teacher training organizations in the world. They are members of the Pilates Alliance and actively pursue continuing education. And they pride ourselves on offering the highest level of Pilates instruction possible!

Our team is dedicated to your health and well being.

Larina Goncharova

Larina Goncharova

Larina is one of the industry’s leading expert in fitness. She has over 15 years of experience in the fitness and mind/body field.

Larina has a vast background in Pilates, personal training, yoga, gymnastics and aerobics. She is PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fit Flow Yoga Teacher, Certified Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Certified Nutrition Consultant. Over the years, she has filtered all of the best and most effective aspects of each of these disciplines to combine them into what has become Interactive Fitness Fusion. In any class or session you take at InterFit Studio, you will find hints of all of these disciplines being combined and applied according to your individual mind/body goals.

Larina was born and raised in Belarus, Eastern Europe. Helping people to live a healthy lifestyle was always her biggest passion. She started as a Pilates and Group Fithess Instructor in 1996.

In 2001 she moved to United States, where she began her formal Pilates training, and later became a Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher. For over seven years she has been working with professional athletes and dancers in Santa Barbara, CA, creating for them customized fitness programs. In 2006 she started working at the Physical Therapy Clinic in Simi Valley, CA , using the Pilates Method for injury and post surgery rehabilitation.

Larina moved to Canada in 2008 and continued her education by studying Nutrition, Pre and Postnatal Fitness and Yoga.

Working with the clients she always creates a very professional, pleasant and encouraging atmosphere, and offers outstanding services in Pilates, Personal Training, Yoga, Pre and Postnatal Fitness, Weight Management and Nutrition.

Olga Cecoi


Olga initially started practicing Pilates about 5 years ago. Pilates brought her body awareness, muscular strength, and longer, leaner lines through her body. It also helped Olga a lot to better prepare her body for the pregnancy and then with faster recovery and getting back in shape after the labor.

This really inspired her in helping other women and to pursue Pilates as a profession. Olga completed her Certification of Professional Pilates instructor training with Balanced Body University. Pilates continues to inspire Olga and her passion shines through her teaching, where she always pays attention to the details and focuses on proper movement. She enjoys working with a variety of clients and seeing the amazing results it brings to each individual. Olga’s sessions are fun, energetic, and hard work!

Jelena Murniece

Jelena Murniece

Jelena has over 10 years of experience in the dance and yoga and over 5 years in Pilates.

Jelena was born and raised in Latvia, Eastern Europe. Dance, sports and fitness were always the biggest part of her life. She was ballroom dancing, playing tennis, squash and skiing since she was a little girl. She started teaching dance and yoga in 2001. Jelena learned about Pilates Method in 2005 and felt in love with it. She started teaching Mat Pilates a year later. Jelena came to Canada in 2010 and continued studying Pilates Reformer through Balanced Body University.

Jelena always carefully selects the exercises for each client according to his or her specific needs. She teaches focusing on the good form, proper body alignment and posture.

Irina Segismundo

Irina Segismundo

Irina is a former massage therapist and really understands the body.

She started practicing Pilates in 2012 and felt in love with it. In 2014 she took Fitness Theory and Mat Pilates courses through BCRPA. In 2015-2016 she took Reformer and Tower courses through Balance Body, completed 500 practical hours in Apparatus Pilates and became PMA certified Pilates Teacher. Irina is highly enthusiastic and passionate about helping people to become more fit and healthy.

Her Pilates teaching style is very fine and contemporary. She puts her clients through a full body-shaping routines that will make you feel toned, leaned and satisfied after every workout!

Katharina Schwiede


Katharina has been a health & well being enthusiast from a young age. During her school years she was very active and participated in high intensity sports such as rugby and competitive cheerleading.

After doing 2 year business program at University of Victoria, she realized that her real passion is health and wellness, and helping others achieve their personal fitness goals.

In 2018 she completed her Personal Trainer Certification with ACE and BCRPA. And later on she discovered Pilates Method. After the years of doing competitive sports, Katharina has suffered from a knee injury, so she was referred to do Pilates by her physiotherapist. And she felt in love with it right away. Her knee pain has decreased just in few weeks, and she found that she has an overall better state of mind and much stronger and healthier body.

Katharina has completed her comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training trough Balanced Body University in 2019, and is thinking of going back to University to get her Kinesiology degree. She teaches Pilates in a cheerful and motivating manner, with the great variety of new contemporary routines, while still maintaining attention to the form and very fine details of the movement. For each session, her goal is to deliver a safe yet the most effective workout, push you a little bit harder than you would do it by yourself, and make you walk out of the session feeling amazing and with the smile. And as a result help you achieve continuing improvement in your health, fitness and well being.