Frequently Asked Questions

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A. We recommend to start with 5 Private Introductory Sessions. We designed this Introductory Program to help new clients learn all the basics of Apparatus Pilates and transition into the Small Group Class within 2 weeks. You can easily register and book your first session online, or call (604)724-3661
A. Yes!!! This is exactly WHY you need to do Pilates. In about 6-8 weeks, with 2 sessions every week, you will notice how you become a lot more flexible, strong and very coordinated in your movements.
A. Over the years we have had so many clients who became PAIN FREE within few months after starting with our Pilates. Watch the short video and read more about it here Email at or call 604-7243661 to book your complimentary consultation. We'll discuss your symptoms and find out if our program can be a good fit for you.
A. In most cases the program can be modified for you. You will work around your injury first, strengthening and stretching all other muscles and joints in your body. This will provide the foundation and support for the injured area. And later you can start working on your injured muscle (or joint) with the very light resistance and under very closed supervision of the teacher. Read more about Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation here
A. Originally Pilates was invented by man (Joseph Pilates) for men. About 30% of our clients are men and they are our the most loyal clients! Read here about why Pilates is so good for men and call 604-7243661 between 12pm and 5pm to book your complimentary consultation. We'll discuss your goals and find out if our program can be a good fit for you.
A. No, at InterFit studio we have many very unique, fun and effective workouts designed over the years. We assign the specific workout to each session (class) depending on the clients goals and ability level. And all our teachers work in the synergy with each other.
A. The general suggestion, that unless you have a fever and must stay in bed, you can always come to the class. The teacher will modify the program for you accordingly. After the class people actually feel better than before they came, because of increased circulation and endorphins released during the exercise.
A. Pilates can be just as hard workout for someone who wants to get in shape, as it can be therapeutic for someone with injury or after the surgery. We design the program for you according to your fitness level and goals. All the pictures on our website are the real pictures of our teachers and clients, who stay in an amazing shape doing Pilates.
A. We recommend to come 2-3 times per week to see results sooner. The body feels like it is too long of a break between the sessions once a week and the clients start noticing the results only in 4-6 months. Clients who come 2-3 times per week start noticing the results in just 6-8 weeks.
A. Yes, absolutely! And you will have the flexibility to choose and book all your classes online. Please, look at our current class scheduler here We add the new classes regularly as the number of our clients grow.
A. Yes, if you have given us 24 hour notice via e-mail, you can reschedule or make up the missed session (class) at any time according to our scheduler and availability and as long as you continue with the same membership. The monthly memberships can not be downgraded in order to make up the missed sessions (classes).
A. Yes, you can, but only with your own partner (relative or friend) at the same time. We do not partner clients. We treat the semi-private session just like as the private.
A. We do not offer drop-ins, but you can buy and book a Single Apparatus Class here You need to do it at least 24 hours before to be able to attend the class you want.