Reformer Pilates for Teen Girls

The program will help the girls improve their athletic skills, develop great posture, muscle strength, flexibility, body awareness and self confidence for a life time!

During this specially designed program, the girls will learn the principles of Pilates, work not only on Pilates Reformer, but also on Cadillac (Tower), Pilates Arch and other Apparatus.

How Is It Different/Unique?

The first night we talk about Joseph Pilates and his philosophy on movement. And we start teaching girls the principles of Pilates and Pilates movements. This gives the girls a chance to realize the connection between the body and the mind. We give the teens the opportunity to explore movement and to begin to feel comfortable in their bodies.

We keep the classes very small so we can give every girl an individual attention. We always keep it fun, teach the girls new exercises and moves in each class.

Photo: Teen Girls Class at InterFit Studio.

Pilates For Teen Girls Program. Interfit Pilates Studio.

In the class, we don’t talk about weight. Instead, we stress the other benefits you get from Pilates and fitness in general: centring, concentration, posture, alignment, flexibility.