What Is Pilates

For those desiring a firm yet flexible body, Pilates is a safe, effective method designed specifically for correcting muscular and skeletal imbalances as well as for preventing injuries. The series of rhythmic exercises promote elongated and toned muscle and assist in improving strength, flexibility and balance.

Developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, this innovative exercise emphasizes abdominal control and spinal alignment thereby effectively bringing the body to improved posture. By creating more body awareness from within, this unique exercise technique focuses on controlled physical and mental conditioning for greater power and flexibility. In a word, Pilates has been “rediscovered” by the athletic community since it offers one of the more optimum methods for conditioning the body. Comprised of over 500 miscellaneous movements performed on specialized equipment, Pilates is designed to stretch and tone muscles while eliminating tension and strain from joints. The inspiring result is an increase in strength, grace, energy and flexibility.

After 10 sessions you’ll feel better.
After 20 sessions you’ll look better.
After 30 sessions you will have a new body.

Joseph Pilates

Long utilized by physical therapists, Pilates instruction is taught by extensively trained individuals who have completed far-reaching preparation and training. Pilates involves both apparatus and mat exercise and can begin with either mat classes or apparatus sessions. The Pilates method is practiced through the use of spring resistant machines and through a series of floor exercises designed to use the body’s power center. Private, semi-private or small classes are offered. All private exercise sessions and classes are individually designed and personally supervised by a certified professional instructor.